Magnum Workshop with Carl de Keyzer

Coherent Documentary Projects

January 12 - 15th, Zurich

Learn how to create a coherent documentary project during an intensive workshop experience. Confronting the class with real shooting situations and honest feedback, Magnum photographer Carl de Keyzer will lead the group through technical and conceptual learnings to refine your storytelling skills. The workshop will provide participants with professional guidance on how to research, build, analyze, edit and shape a documentary project when working on a short assignment. 

The 3 day will be split into different sessions: lectures and inspirational discussions, professional practice, reviews and shooting.

Date & Time:
Opening lecture: Friday, January 11th, 20:00 h, Magnum Night, photoFORUM…
Workshop: Saturday, January 12th - Monday, January 14th, 11:00 - 19:00 h

StageOne Hall, MagnumCube 1, Upper Level, 146 Elias-Canetti-Strasse, 8050 Zurich

Class size:
Max. 12 participiants
From 6 participiants the workshop will be held (decision date: Friday December 28th 2018)

CHF 1200.– (includes Magnum Night entrance as well as exhibition entrance). Payable in advance (participiants will receive invoice from CropFactory GmbH, Organisator of photoSCHOOL)


What you need to bring to the workshop:

Laptop with Image Editing Software
USB Stick
Something to take notes (analog or digital)